Steps to Spirituality

The frenzied peeling of bells that includes a strange clam, the sound of conch shells and the dance of Naga sadhus or the shores of the Ganges lit up at night with smells of earthen diyas "lamps" casting a warm glow all around. As you travel through India you will realize that religion and religious sentiments run high throughout Indian society. From road side shrines to towering works of art, temples are an intrinsic part of a visit to India. Each temple has a history of myths and legends and is a wonderful insight into Indian people and many rituals that guide them through each day.

Revel in the intricate carving of deities and their consorts adorning the walls and facia of the temples .Experience the calm of spiritual salvation as you walk with a scholar through the abode of the Gods. Welcome to mystic India and unravel the mystery that life is.